Pruning Trees is the Healthiest Choice

Pruning Trees – Healthiest Choice

Pruning trees is the healthiest choice for your property!  This can help remove possible damage to your property if a storm were to hit, and can also help in making your overall property look much more attractive. Overall, pruning is probably the healthiest choice you can make in terms of caring for your trees as it promotes growth of stronger lasting branches. There are many benefits of having trees pruned, but homeowners should know the signs of when and how to prune their trees efficiently.


When Should I Prune My Trees?

As soon as you notice damaged or diseased branches, trees should be immediately pruned to prevent the spread of that damage to other parts of the tree. In general, however, trees should be pruned before their buds open (normally during early spring). If you do decide to prune during any other time of the year, make sure that the surrounding environment is not too hot and dry, or too cold. Pruning during extreme temperatures could impede the tree’s ability to sustain itself, simply causing more damage to the newly growing branches.

Types of Tree Pruning

Pruning of large trees should always be left to the professionals. In these situations, one of four types of pruning will be used depending on the health of the tree and what needs to be improved.

•Crown Reduction: this is done to reduce the overall height of the tree by removing large branches near the very top of the tree. This method is much preferably to topping because pruning results in less sprouts, meaning you do not have to prune as often.

• Crown Thinning: primarily removes weaker, smaller branches to allow more light to get through to the tree.

• Crown Lifting: is normally done if the lower parts the tree are obstructing roadways or sidewalks. It involves removing branches that are closer to the ground.

•Crown Cleaning: this is performed when you want to selectively remove dead, dying, or diseased branches.

Why Should I Prune?

•Prevents Spread of Disease: sometimes bugs may harbor diseases and transfer them to areas of your tree. By pruning, you can effectively remove diseased branches to prevent any further spread of the disease.

•Remove Dead Branches: dead branches can be easily torn apart during a stormy or windy day. That is why it is imperative to have these weak and dead branches pruned to prevent any harm to you, your family, property, and the overall community.

•To Improve Aesthetic: pruning can help shape trees in a more pleasant way by getting rid of dead branches or those that may be growing faster than others may. Of course, this isn’t necessary, but if you have a tree whose main purpose is to add a bit of flair to your yard, pruning may be beneficial.

Anything Else?

Needless to say, pruning has many benefits and can be done through a multitude of ways. If you do decide to prune your trees on your own, make sure that your cuts are in the right place, as misplaced cuts could lead to further damages. Contacting a local tree service in Wichita KS may also be in your best interest to ensure a hassle free job.

Why Should You Hire A Certified Arborist?

Why Should You Hire A Certified Arborist?

As a homeowner, you probably have some form of individual trees around your property. This natural greenery gives a touch of personality to your humble abode; but with this benefit, there also seems to be an immense amount of time that must be given in properly maintaining these individual trees. Luckily, you don’t have to put in much time, energy, or money to properly care for these trees if you hire a certified arborist. Some homeowners may opt for an uncertified arborist or to do the job themselves, but this is not recommended. Therefore, the following are reasons every homeowner should hire a certified arborist.

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They are Knowledgeable 

Needless to say, certified arborists have gained a certain level technical mastery in properly maintaining woody plants and trees; they are also required to pass in depth exams to properly assess their knowledge of all things related to tree care. However, even after passing these exams, certified arborists are required to maintain their certification, lending itself to an individual or company that is up to date on the most effective means of caring for your trees.

They Provide a Wide Range of Services

Most people think arborists only handle dead tree removals; however, they can provide a wide range of services. Most traditional arborists can provide services such as:

  1. Pruning: to improve the appearance and safety of trees. This is normally needed if trees are interfering with utilities or are obstructing walkways.
  2. Planting: arborists can recommend appropriate tree plantings and the type of species of trees  that would be suited against the weather or common insects in your area
  3. Tree Removal: an arborist can accurately tell when a tree needs to be replaced. Dead or dying trees and trees that are heavily diseased need to be removed to help prevent future damages and prevent any hits to your property value.
  4. Soil Aeration and Fertilization: both help maintain quality root growth and overall health of the tree.
  5. Emergency Tree Care Services: if a storm comes through and manages to cause trees to fall down and damage your property, arborists can safely and effectively remove them, ensuring further damage does not occur.

Most Have Insurance

If damage were to occur in the process of some form of tree service, certified arborists more often than not have liability and worker’s insurance that can help pay for the damages. However, this is not always the case, so it is best to ask for proof before hiring a certified arborist. We took a random sampling of companies in Wichita, KS, called and asked each one a series of questions to find out what levels of certification their arborists have and whether or not they carry liability and worker’s insurance.  Only one Wichita tree service that we called met all of the criteria we were looking for.

Are Up to Date

Certified professionals more often have the latest technology and methods in ensuring that trees are properly cared for, helping to maintain their certification status and provide quality service. Non-Certified arborists, on the other hand, may often take part in practices that are not standard procedure, which may cause more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

Certified arborists are your go to people for anything tree related. Hiring professionals can help ease any tension of having to remove a dead or dying tree, or even if your trees simply require pruning to keep them healthy and attractive. Maintaining trees is very important as dead trees left on the property can severely lower property value.

Choosing The Right Tree Service

Choosing The Right Tree Service

Tree work can be quite a huge task to undertake, whether it is just simple yard work or a tree service like having to completely remove a dead tree. As such, it is usually in your best interest to hire professionals that are certified in finishing such a task, so you can have a peace of mind of a job well done and save many hard-earned dollars as well. The following are key things every homeowner should look for when choosing the right tree service for the job.

Do They Have Insurance?

Every professional tree service company should have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Never assume that a company, regardless of how professional they may appear, to have insurance. Always ask for all certificates of insurance to be sure that if an accident or damage were to occur on your property that you are not responsible for the repairs.

Do They Have the Latest Equipment?

More top end tree service companies will make it a priority to have the latest safety and operational equipment to ensure a job that is both safe and efficient. Also, specific jobs will require a specific piece of equipment, so always inquire about what equipment the company has before hiring them. A good sign of an inexperienced servicing company is if the workers do not even have basic safety equipment such as hardhats (which are required by the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Do They Give Exact Quotes?

It’s hard to estimate how much a job will actually cost unless someone from the tree service comes to your home to check what needs to be done. It is good practice to stay away from companies that give estimates over the phone. Also, always ensure that the specific price quote is written down to ensure there are no surprise charges once the job is done. Confidently agreeing on a price is the best way to save money.

Check Reviews

Check reviews online and look through the company’s website. More professional and long lasting companies will have many positive reviews and most likely have a website that explicitly outlines the services they offer and the equipment they use. Also, check to see how long the company has been operating, as longer lasting companies are often times around because they are respected in the community and their services are efficient enough to warrant incoming customers frequently.

A reliable source to check for ratings is the Better Business Bureau. Highly ranked and respected tree service companies will usually belong to the BBB; it also includes complaints that previous customers may have had and keep companies accountable for rectifying those situations. Membership in professional organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture is also a good sign of a professional tree servicing company.

Anything Else?

Hiring a tree service doesn’t need to be troublesome or costly. There are many respectable companies that offer high quality servicing for an affordable price. Before going out to search for the right company for your needs, make sure to have a clear budget in mind (this will help drastically in funneling through the many different companies and selecting one that is the right fit for the job and for your wallet).

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