Boswell Advanced Growth Systems

Hey there Kansas friends!

This is David Boswell with Boswell Advanced Growth Systems, your native and local arborist.  We have got a treat for you with this new blog.  We get so many people/customers every month asking us for educational advice on their trees that we thought this would be a wise idea.  We will be using this space to provide educational articles that will help the general public to have a greater understanding of tree services, but also:
– How to go about hiring a tree service
– What you need to look for in a tree service
– What do arborists do?
– What is a Tree Surgeon?
– Should I have my soil aerated?

and other wonderful topics! We hope that this will be a wonderful resource for the local community that will be used for years and years to come.

We will get back to you in a few days with the first article, but in the meantime, let’s leave you with a tree service blooper video!